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lunge with neutral spine

7 Step Movement Prep

The purpose of the 7 Step Movement Prep is to provide a quick, accurate, self-administered movement audit so athletes can prioritize their warm-up.  There are thousands of mobilization techniques and activation drills. Athletes don’t need more drills, but rather need to know on which areas they should focus prior to training.  Athletes don’t need to […]

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If it doesn't work, don't blame the screwdriver.

The Truth Behind Ice or Compression for Inflammation

  Michelle Kinney of Crossfit Chickasaw introduced me to an interesting blog post by Kelly Starrett, DPT.  Kelly does a great job of making advanced rehabilitation techniques accessible to the masses.  I am really impressed by how proliferative his blog is.  You should check it out. Medicine advances by tossing out previously held ideas in favor of […]

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Iliotibial band. Gluteus Medius.

The Knee Stability Audit

Your knee is the trash can of your lower extremity.  It collects all the garbage of poor stability and starts causing pain.  It is painful during or after activity because of improper use.  While poor movement drives inflammation and pain, proper movement is like massage for our joints. Too often, I hear people explain that they […]

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Foot stability exercise

The Foot Stability Audit

In terms of rehabilitation and sports performance, foot stability is a complex issue.  Ideally, different regions of the foot/ankle transition between rigid and supple during walking. Regions of the foot that move too much in a certain direction at the wrong time are “unstable”. Likewise, regions that move too little are “fixated”.  Thus I most […]

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Overcoming Stress Cover

Overcoming Stress: an e-booklet

“Your body’s reaction to stress is like an alarm system going off deep inside your brain, immediately dumping stress hormones into your bloodstream.  These stress hormones cause a whole series of sudden physiological changes in your body, such as increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, shutting down your digestive system, and preparing your body […]

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