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Start position. The stick, held straight up and down, provides a target with the knee to the outside of the stick.

The Ankle Mobility Audit

Runners need an efficient gait to stay injury free and perform at their best.  A relatively minor imbalance of joint motion is enough to cause a big problem after thousands of footfalls.  On the other hand, the same problem may be completely irrelevant for someone who only plods from the couch to the refrigerator.  That’s why […]

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Will Back Pain Go Away on Its Own?

Until recently, researchers believed that back pain will “heal” on its own. We have learned, however, that this is not always true. When back pain is not treated, it may go away temporarily but will most likely return. For more than 33% of people who experience low-back pain, the pain lasts for more than 30 […]

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Focus of treatments and cycle of musculoskeletal dysfunction

What Causes Back Pain?

Most cases of back pain are mechanical; they are not caused by critical conditions (such as infection, fracture, aneurism, or cancer) or organ disease (such as kidney stones, kidney infections, blood clots, uterine problems).  Since back pain can have a variety of causes an careful examination and diagnosis is essential. The back is a complicated […]

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