Recap of 2012 ChiroAdvance Seminar

This year’s seminar regarding sports medicine was a real pleasure to attend.  Thanks to Dr. Nathan Williams, Dr. Bruce Fox, Dr. Jeff Luebbe, and Dr. Richard Cole for sharing their expertise across a variety of topics.

Here are the notes and visual media from some of the presenters:
Upper Cross Syndrome- Dr. Jeff Luebbe 2-05-12
Movement Rehabilitation- Dr. Bradford Cole 02-05-12
FMS Pictorial Instructions
Concussion- Dr. Richard Cole 02-05-12

I also had the pleasure of speaking at the CTA (chiropractic therapy assistant) continuing education program.  Here’s the booklet that I had referenced during the presentation:
Nutrition e-book

Lastly, Dr. Cole’s presentation on concussion discussed the fact that much of the difficulty of concussion management results from public misunderstanding of concussion.  This video explains concussion very well. Please spread the word.

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