Recap of MidSouth Headache Symposium

Headache is a common pain that nearly everyone experiences at some point in their life.  As such, primary health care professionals evaluate and manage head/face pain every day.  Since any headache type can result from a varied number of causes, and any headache sufferer may have several concurrent types of headache, the evaluation of headache can be a diagnostic challenge.

The latest in the series of yearly continuing education seminars hosted by ChiroAdvance featured a comprehensive discussion of clinical headache management.  I have also posted my section regarding rehabilitative management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.  The rest of the speaker panel graciously allowed me to post the lecture content as .pdf for your review. Please read, share, and discuss it. But don’t copy, edit, or sell it.

Headache Epidemiology– Dr. Richard Cole
Headache (pathophysiology and clinical evaluation)- Dr. Ron Boesch
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Rehab of TMD– Dr. Brad Cole
Headaches in the Pediatric and Pregnant Patient ppt– Dr. Lindsey Carr
Secondary Headache Disorders– Dr. Bradford Cole
Dr. Jeff Luebbe presented on myofascial consideration on headache, and Dr. Bruce Fox presented on cranial imaging. Both excellent presentations are rich in graphics and, too large to for upload/download.

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