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Massage Therapy Compared to Medical Care for Chronic Back Pain

The Best Treatment for Back Pain According to the Best Evidence

The vast majority of back pain is functional- meaning the pain is because the back is not functioning correctly.  Accordingly, it makes since that back pain treatment strategies should focus on discovering and addressing the movement-related back pain. Unfortunately, many people with back pain are over diagnosed with a structural problem (such as scoliosis, spine […]

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Foot stability exercise

The Foot Stability Audit

In terms of rehabilitation and sports performance, foot stability is a complex issue.  Ideally, different regions of the foot/ankle transition between rigid and supple during walking. Regions of the foot that move too much in a certain direction at the wrong time are “unstable”. Likewise, regions that move too little are “fixated”.  Thus I most […]

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Skull diagram

Rehabilitation of the TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can cause painful chewing, jaw clicking, ear/face pain, tooth pain, and headache.  In the absence of an obviously locked jaw, the offending temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) is usually diagnosed after the painful ears, teeth, and/or sinuses have been examined and found to be fine. While there are rare causes of TMD (inflammatory arthritis, […]

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