The Anti-inflammatory Diet


Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to a chronic illness support group about how nutrition relates to health.  To summarize the presentation: every bite we take is either pushing us towards healing/disease prevention or physical degeneration/pain.  Most people have heard this before and intuitively understand it.  What’s usually missing is an appreciation for the biochemical rationale. All this is complicated by a hornets nest of contradictory information.  I can’t think of one food that someone hasn’t added to a “scary” food list at some point. (If you can think of a food that someone hasn’t warned you about, then please comment, I’d like to hear about it.)

Food consumed in 1 week for typical family of 4.



From my perspective, I think people want a rational, evidence-based, and pragmatic approach to making nutritional decisions.  So I’ve summarized the Anti-inflammatory Diet in this short Nutrition e-book  and hope the book provides that perspective.

As promised the those at last night’s meeting, here are the graphics from the presentation. Food and Pain web notes 5-12  Thanks for the discussion.

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