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Massage Therapy Compared to Medical Care for Chronic Back Pain

The Best Treatment for Back Pain According to the Best Evidence

The vast majority of back pain is functional- meaning the pain is because the back is not functioning correctly. ¬†Accordingly, it makes since that back pain treatment strategies should focus on discovering and addressing the movement-related back pain. Unfortunately, many people with back pain are over diagnosed with a structural problem (such as scoliosis, spine […]

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Options for Pain? Dr. Oz Misses the Obvious

While giving an excellent description of the neurological mechanism of pain, Time overlooks the obvious in their most recent edition highlighting pain. The march 7th issue titled, Understanding Pain, addresses traditional, emerging, and alternative options for those suffering from chronic pain of various causes.¬† Dr. Mehmet Oz (cardiac surgeon, author, and Emmy award-winning TV Host) […]

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